Genre Opinion- Strategy / RTS / Tower Defense

October 4, 2016

My opinion on Strategy, RTS, and Tower Defense is that they are all distinctly different genres. They all have similar concepts built in however the time of play is different. Strategy games in my mind are very turn based centered. Games such as Fire Emblem and Xcom are strategy games. RTS games are very similar however they follow the first two letters “Real Time” and by doing so the game plays with everyone working as fast as they can to accomplish goals. It’s the difference between Monopoly and two people trying to solve rubrics cubes at the same time. Finally tower defense usually comes in waves. It’s a system where the enemies are generally in real time whereas the player is in the strategy mode. For me this is my least favorite of the genres, however if done correctly they can mask some of my issues with them.


In this genre I would say that a game that uses these as an assistant to the games main mechanics is good. When the entire game is just one of these genres, I think that they become somewhat boring. For example, some of the games that I like that use these systems are Brutal Legends, Garden Warfare, and Pikmin. Each of these games are examples of when these genres are altered and not at their purest form.


Now coming back to this being my opinion and that I understand that not every person feels the same. The reason that I think that these games mixing in other genres is good is because the game stays dynamic. I would say that Strategy, RTS, and Tower Defense are very rinse and repeat. The gameplay is very similar throughout and as the game grows the player is just given more options regarding the same actions. You could argue that this is with all games. However the thing that has me believe that it becomes repetitive is this sense of playing god instead of a specific character. 


The worst examples of this are pretty much the opposite. Games that are 100 percent Strategy, RTS, and Tower Defense are not very much fun in my opinion. Even games such as Fire Emblem do their best to add their own mix of gameplay such as marriage and character dialog. This makes them still good examples of a “good game” in these genres.

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