Genre Opinion- First Person Shooter (FPS)

November 21, 2016

My opinion of First Person Shooters is that they have become the platforming genre of today. In this I mean that they have become extremely popular. Almost all genres have intersected into to FPS at this point and they are extremely popular. FPS games allow for all sorts of different experiences that aren’t offered other ways.


I think that a “good game” in the First Person Shooter genre is anyone of them that uses it in a proper control scheme. First Person is one of those genres that if the controls feel right then playing the game regardless of the type is fun. Puzzle FPS like Portal or The Witness, RPGs like Borderlands or Fallout 4, and plenty more have good controls and allows for an enjoyable experience.


I think the best examples of First Person Shooters are the ones that most people know the best. Halo and Call of Duty. These games may get bad mouthed a lot for the multiple sequels however the main thing to realize about the game is that they are the games the pioneered the genre. They are the ones that have been around from the old style of FPS all the way until now and are still running. It’s important to notice their change and even their old games are playable due to their commitment to the series and the change in the industry.


I think the worst examples of First Person Shooters are ones such as Cabela’s games. If you’ve ever played them or possibly a game that feels like them, you’ll understand what I’m about to describe. First Person shooters such as Cabela’s have a weird way of displaying the gun over the camera for the first person mode. It feels as if the arms and gun are a piece of wood in front of the screen instead of what they should be. This is like the feeling old 2D first person shooters like Doom felt, except even then the animations in those games help make the player feel strong and in the game. Shout out also to one of game called Ricochet. This game has a full 3D FPS camera but only lets you shoot straight in front of you. This make the experience very different than in most games. Most people hate it, I don’t, but it isn’t good.

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